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Vantage Global Limited Demo Trading Contest

Demo Trading Contest is provided by Vantage, trading under Vantage Global Limited (Reg. No. 700271) (herein “the Company” or “Vantage”), to the Company’s clients.

Vantage Global Limited Demo Trading Contest

Demo Trading Contest is provided by Vantage, trading under Vantage Global Limited (Reg. No. 700271) (herein “the Company” or “Vantage”), to the Company’s clients.


1. This Contest is available from 2022 and will remain active until further notice. It operates on a bi-monthly schedule, consisting of a one-month Registration Period and a one-month Contest Period, as indicated on the website.

2. This Contest is open to both new and existing Vantage clients with residence registered from selected countries/regions only.

3. By participating in this Contest, clients acknowledge that they have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the Client Agreement as published on the website of the Company.

4. Clients are required to register via the Registration Period in order to participate in this Contest.

5. Upon successful registration, all contestants will be credited with USD$10,000 in virtual funds in the STP demo account on the MT4 platform.

6. Once the contest commences, contestants are free to engage in trading activities as they see fit within the competition period. It's important to note that eligible trades for this contest are restricted to closed positions that have been held for a minimum duration of 2 minutes.

7. The scoring will be concluded on the final day of the Contest Period at 10:00 AM (GMT+7).

8. Contestants who rank 1st to 8th will be determined based on the highest percentage (%) gain they achieve by the end of the Contest Period.

For illustration:

Starting equity = $10,000

Ending equity = $50,000

To calculate the gain percentage: [(Ending equity - Starting equity) / Starting equity] * 100 = [(50,000 - 10,000) / 10,000] * 100 = 400% gain

9. In the event that two or more contestants achieve the same percentage (%) gain, the contestant with the lowest drawdown will be declared the winner.

9.1 Drawdown is the difference between the highest balance point in a trading account and the subsequent lowest balance point. To illustrate, if a demo trading account begins with a balance of $100,000 and, following a losing trade, the account's equity decreases to $95,000, the account has encountered a $5,000 drawdown.

1 It's important to understand that the funds provided are virtual, which means they are not real, actual currency. These virtual funds are exclusively intended for use within the context of this demo trading contest. You cannot withdraw or transfer them to a real bank account or use them for any other financial transactions outside the scope of this competition. They are solely for practicing and participating in the contest to enhance your trading skills without any real monetary risk.

10. The prize amounts are as follows:

Ranking Prize (USD)
Champion $2,000
2nd $1,000
3rd $500
4th – 8th $100

11. Upon the conclusion of the Contest Period, Vantage will credit the prize to the contestants' live trading accounts in the form of trading credit, subject to withdrawal conditions.

12. To claim the prize, the winners must have an active Vantage live trading account that is fully verified and approved in accordance with the Client Agreement. The company reserves the right to revoke the eligibility of any winner who does not meet the criteria of having an active Vantage live trading account as defined above.

13. To request the withdrawal of the prize amount, contestants are required to trade with a lot volume equivalent to 1% of the prize amount received. For example, the Champion, who has won a prize of USD$2,000, must complete 20 lots before being eligible to initiate the withdrawal of the prize funds.

14. To initiate a withdrawal, contestants are required to submit a written application to [email protected] for processing. Requests will be reviewed and processed within 3 business days.

15. Each client can only receive a prize once. While winners from previous rounds are welcome to participate in contests again, they will not be eligible to receive another prize.

16. Vantage reserves the right to discontinue or reject a participant in the contest if:

● There is a violation of the Terms and Conditions outlined herein and/or in the Terms of Use.

● Vantage has reasonable grounds to suspect misuse by the contestant(s) within the competition.

● The contestant acts dishonestly and/or engages in inappropriate behavior, deceptive methods, or any undesirable or harmful conduct that affects the integrity of the competition.

● The contestant possesses more than one Demo account or submits multiple entries in the competition.

● The contestant has two or more identical IP addresses or utilizes anonymous HTTP/SOCKS proxy servers for trading during the competition.

● The contestant deploys an Expert Advisor on their Demo account for purposes including abuse, fraud, price manipulation, or any trading activity carried out in a deceptive or fraudulent manner within the competition.

● The contestant uses a dynamic IP address, enabling the IP address to change over time when connecting to the internet, which is considered deceptive behavior.

17. Vantage will resolve any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms at its sole discretion。


The following conditions apply to all offers/promotions/giveaways/contests (“offers”), unless explicitly stated otherwise:

● Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer unless explicitly stated otherwise.

● All Vantage offers apply exclusively to valid STP and ECN accounts. Cent accounts, BTC and ETH currency accounts are not eligible unless explicitly stated otherwise.

● Clients referred by a PAMM/MAM or money manager are not eligible to participate in any Vantage offers.

● All Vantage offers are only available in accordance with applicable laws and product intervention orders.

● Vantage offers are not intended to influence an individual's risk preferences or encourage trading inconsistent with their own strategies. Clients should ensure that they operate their trading account in line with their comfort level.

● New accounts are subject to approval according to Vantage's account opening procedure. Individuals applying for an account must review their local laws and regulations before applying with Vantage.

● Vantage reserves the right to disqualify clients from claiming a trading credit from Vantage offers if they make deposits via e-wallet/digital coin channels, including but not limited to USDT, Neteller, and Skrill.

● Clients are not permitted to use the trading credit for hedging positions. Vantage reserves the right to cancel a client's eligibility for credit bonus offers, remove partial or all credit bonuses from their trading account, and eliminate partial or all profits generated by hedging positions without prior notice.

● Vantage may exclude and/or cancel a client's participation in its offers if: a) they engage in churning (opening and closing Margin FX or CFD transactions solely for the purpose of benefiting from an offer); b) they engage in internal or external hedging; c) they violate the Client Agreement or breach the terms and conditions of any offers In such cases, Vantage has the right to remove any bonus amounts or incentives from the trading account.

● Vantage may make changes to these terms and conditions at any time and will inform you of such changes by posting the modified terms on the Vantage website. It is advisable to regularly review these Terms, and by continuing to use Vantage's website and services, you accept any modified terms. Vantage retains the right to modify or cancel offers at its sole discretion, at any time.

● In the event of suspected misconduct, fraud, abuse, or violation of the Terms and Conditions, Vantage may cancel, modify, or reverse any rewards or promotional incentives, and withdraw the eligibility of any participant at its absolute discretion. Furthermore, Vantage reserves the right to disqualify, decline or reject any subscription to the offers or participant at any stage of the offers, without prior notice or liability to any individual.

● Vantage’s decision or resolution regarding the award of all prizes, disqualification of any participant and/or in every situation including any not covered by these Terms and Conditions, shall be final and binding on all participants of any offers. Vantage is not obliged to entertain or respond to any queries, challenges, or appeals made against the Company’s decision pertaining to any offers.

● Clients agree to indemnify and hold Vantage harmless from and against any claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including legal fees) arising from or related to their participation in any offers, including any violation of the Terms and Conditions, breach of any applicable laws or regulations, or infringement of third-party rights. Vantage is not responsible for any losses, costs, expenses, or damages that may be incurred in connection with this offer, to the extent that such liability cannot be excluded by law.

● Vantage, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, or agents shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, or liabilities incurred by clients as a result of participating in any offers, including but not limited to financial losses, system failures, technical glitches, or any other unforeseen circumstances.

● Vantage may exclusively collect and process the personal data you provide in connection with any offers, with your explicit consent and for the specific purpose stated. Your data will be managed in accordance with the applicable data protection laws to ensure both your privacy and data security.

● In the event of any inconsistency, the English version of these terms and conditions shall prevail if the terms are translated into a language other than English.

● The provider of this offer is Vantage Global Limited (Reg. No. 700271).