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What are the Strongest Currencies in the World? 


What are the Strongest Currencies in the World? 

What are the Strongest Currencies in the World? 

Vantage Updated Updated Thu, 2024 April 18 06:46

In the dynamic world of forex trading, the strength of a currency often serves as a direct reflection of a country’s economic health, stability, and global influence. Understanding the nuances of different trade currencies and their respective currency pairs is pivotal for investors and traders alike. 

This blog post is designed to offer a detailed exploration of the world’s most formidable trade currencies, categorised by their geographical locales. Our journey spans from the established powerhouses in the United States and Europe to the burgeoning contenders in the Middle East and Asia. Utilising the latest world currency rankings, we will explore what makes for the most valuable currencies and how they impact global economics. 

Key Points

  • Currency strength in forex trading reflects a nation’s economic health, stability, and global influence, with the most valuable currencies influencing global economics significantly.
  • The Kuwaiti Dinar leads with the highest value against the US dollar, followed by the Bahraini Dinar and Omani Rial, showcasing the economic power of Middle Eastern countries in the global currency rankings.
  • From North America to Asia, diverse currencies like the USD, Euro, and Japanese Yen dominate forex markets, each backed by unique economic strengths, from reserve status to trade surpluses and robust financial systems.

Rankings of the Currencies in the World

CurrencySymbolValue converted to USD
Kuwaiti DinarKWD$3.25
Bahraini DinarBHD$2.66
Omani RialOMR$2.59
British PoundGBP$1.26
Swiss FrancCHF$1.13
Bruneian DollarBND$0.74
Singapore DollarSGD$0.74
Canadian DollarCAD$0.73
Australian DollarAUD$0.65
New Zealand DollarNZD$0.61
Table 1: Table of Currency in comparison to US dollars as of 1 March 2024 [1]

North American Currencies

United States Dollar (USD)

The United States dollar, often referred to as the “greenback,” unquestionably dominates the forex scene as the world’s primary reserve currency. The USD’s status is rooted in the robustness of the US economy, its political stability, and the widespread use of the dollar in international trade. The Federal Reserve’s influence and its role as a global lender of last resort contribute to the dollar’s strength, making it a safe haven during times of uncertainty.

In the realm of forex trading, the US dollar serves as a benchmark for evaluating the worth of trade currencies, due to its status as the world’s primary reserve currency held in large quantities by governments and institutions globally. This widespread usage, coupled with its liquidity, makes it a preferred choice for traders and investors, facilitating easy and straightforward comparisons of the value of other currencies and promoting smooth international trade and investment operations.

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Canada’s resource-rich economy and strong ties to the United States make the Canadian dollar a key player in the forex market. The CAD’s performance is closely linked to commodity prices, particularly oil. As one of the largest oil exporters, Canada’s currency often moves in tandem with crude oil prices. 

Furthermore, the stability of Canada’s banking sector and prudent fiscal policies play a pivotal role in sustaining the strength of the “loonie,” making the USD/CAD pair a noteworthy focus for investors and traders monitoring the forex market.

European Currencies

Euro (EUR)

The euro, representing the collective strength of the Eurozone’s economies, is another heavyweight in the forex market. Its stability stems from the solid economic performance of countries like Germany, France, and the Netherlands. The European Central Bank (ECB) holds a pivotal role in safeguarding the euro’s stability and value, thereby positioning the EUR/USD pair as a sought-after option for investors aiming to cultivate a diversified portfolio.

British Pound (GBP)

Despite its historical volatility, the British pound remains one of the strongest currencies in the forex world. The strength of the pound sterling is closely tied to the UK’s economic performance, trade relationships, and political stability. While occurrences like Brexit have ushered in phases of uncertainty, the pound’s established position as an international reserve currency and its robust financial sector continue to fortify its prominence, a characteristic prominently mirrored in the dynamics of the GBP/USD currency pair.

Swiss Franc (CHF)

Known for its neutrality and strong financial system, the Swiss franc is often considered one of the safest currencies. Switzerland’s prudent monetary policies, low inflation, and robust economy contribute to the franc’s strength. 

In periods of geopolitical or economic instability, investors gravitate towards the CHF, particularly within the USD/CHF currency pair, as a reliable store of value, thereby solidifying its esteemed position in the forex market.

New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

The New Zealand dollar, known as the “Kiwi,” is a key player in the forex market, thanks to New Zealand’s strong economic foundations. These include a well-regulated banking sector and an economy driven by exports, particularly agricultural products. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) plays a crucial role in maintaining the country’s economic health by managing monetary policy to ensure price stability and support economic growth.

Additionally, New Zealand’s political stability and geographical isolation help shield it from global geopolitical tensions, adding to the NZD’s reputation as a safe investment during uncertain times. Furthermore, the country’s focus on environmental sustainability and renewable energy enhances its appeal in a world that is gravitating towards greener economies.

Learn more about investing in greener economies by reading our article, which highlights the importance of sustainable mobility. Discover how this investment not only contributes to a healthier planet but also opens new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Asian Currencies

Japanese Yen (JPY)

The Japanese yen carries significant weight in the forex market due to Japan’s substantial trade surplus, technological advancements, and well-established financial markets. The Bank of Japan’s (BoJ) commitment to maintaining price stability has contributed to the yen’s resilience. 

Furthermore, due to its historically low interest rates, the yen often becomes a preferred option in carry trades, adding another layer of attraction to the USD/JPY currency pair for investors and traders. This pair serves as a vital tool in the forex market, reflecting the economic synergy between the two powerhouse nations.

Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Singapore’s national currency, the Singapore Dollar, is highly regarded in the global financial landscape, and its strength is rooted in the nation’s prosperous and diversified economy. Singapore is a hub for finance, technology, and global trade, making it an attractive environment for investors. The nation’s strict governance and adept fiscal strategies amplify the robustness of its currency, a trait vividly reflected in the USD/SGD pair. 

Furthermore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) adeptly orchestrates the exchange rate against a selection of currencies, enhancing the stability of the Singapore Dollar and establishing it as a trustworthy option for those seeking to diversify their forex portfolios.

Bruneian Dollar (BND)

The Bruneian Dollar (BND), pegged at parity with the Singapore dollar, is a testament to the economic stability and wealth of the small but affluent nation of Brunei. 

This pegging arrangement facilitates trade and investment between Brunei and Singapore, bolstering Brunei’s economic ties with one of Southeast Asia’s financial powerhouses. The strength of the BND is also reflective of Brunei’s considerable hydrocarbon riches, with the country’s economy heavily reliant on the export of oil and natural gas.

Chinese Yuan (CNY)

The Chinese Yuan is quickly gaining prominence on the international stage, even though it is not yet fully convertible as you can’t exchange it freely for other currencies. The currency is backed by China’s colossal economic output and is increasingly used in global trade transactions. Efforts by the Chinese government to internationalise the yuan by including it in the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have further elevated its status, a trend clearly reflected in the dynamics of the USD/CNY pair. 

Furthermore, the USD/CNY pair, which represents the exchange rate between the Chinese Yuan (CNY) and the United States Dollar (USD), is gradually becoming a focal point in the forex market. As China further liberalises its financial markets, the USD/CNY pair is expected to witness increased volatility and trading volumes, offering new opportunities for traders and investors to capitalise on the evolving economic landscape between these two dominant nations. 

This pair serves as a critical barometer for gauging the economic interplay between the US and China, and is anticipated to hold a more prominent position in global forex trading in the coming years.

Middle Eastern Currencies

Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)

The Kuwaiti Dinar stands out as one of the strongest currencies in the world, often overshadowing even the US dollar in terms of exchange rate value. The strength of the Kuwaiti Dinar can be attributed to the country’s substantial oil reserves, which make up a significant portion of the nation’s wealth and economic stability. Kuwait’s conservative fiscal policies, low levels of debt, and robust financial system further bolster the currency’s strength. The Central Bank of Kuwait plays a significant role in maintaining stability, making the dinar a surprising yet deserving currency in this list.

Consequently, the USD/KWD pair serves as an intriguing option for investors and traders seeking to explore opportunities in a market influenced by the dynamics of a high-value currency, offering a distinctive avenue for diversification and investment in the forex market.

Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

The Bahraini Dinar (BHD) is yet another formidable currency in the Middle East, with its value firmly backed by the country’s strategic approach to economic diversification beyond oil. 

Bahrain’s commitment to banking and financial services as regional centres of excellence, alongside its burgeoning tourism sector, contributes significantly to the dinar’s strength. The Central Bank of Bahrain’s effective monetary policies ensure the currency’s stability, making the BHD a compelling component of the Middle Eastern forex market landscape.

Omani Rial (OMR)

Another currency from the Middle East, the Omani Rial, holds its own when it comes to strength and stability. The economy of Oman, like that of Kuwait, is heavily reliant on its oil and gas sector. The Omani government has implemented prudent fiscal and monetary policies, ensuring low levels of unemployment and inflation. This strength, mirrored in the USD/OMR currency pair, is further reinforced by Oman’s political stability and a well-orchestrated banking system.

Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

The Jordanian Dinar (JOD) maintains its value through a combination of stable governance, strategic economic policies, and a diversified approach to its economy that includes tourism, remittances, and foreign aid. 

Jordan’s careful fiscal management and monetary policy, governed by the Central Bank of Jordan, have insulated the dinar from extreme volatility, preserving its purchasing power. 

Oceania Currencies

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Australia’s currency, commonly known as the “Aussie,” is a significant player in the forex market, especially in the Oceania region. The strength of the Australian dollar is closely tied to the country’s abundant natural resources, including minerals like iron ore and gold, as well as its agricultural exports. 

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s monetary policies, coupled with the nation’s stable political environment and robust financial system, further solidify the AUD’s place among strong global currencies, a dynamic vividly reflected in the AUD/USD currency pair. The AUD/USD pair is a critical focal point for investors and traders seeking to navigate the financial currents of the Oceania region and exploit opportunities in the global forex market.

Trade Currencies via CFDs with Vantage

The forex landscape is an ever-shifting battleground, but some currencies stand out as the strongest currency candidates, constantly ranking high in world currency rankings. If you’re looking to make the most of these strongest currencies, Vantage offers the tools and data needed to navigate this complex landscape effectively. Our platform is designed to help you navigate the complex landscape of forex trading via CFDs, offering you the resources to make informed decisions. 

Take advantage of our user-friendly platform to start trading these powerful currency pairs via Contract for Differences today. Elevate your trading game by capitalising on the strengths of the world’s most valuable currencies with Vantage.


  1. “US DOLLAR HISTORICAL RATES TABLE – X-Rates” Accessed 27 March 2024
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