Precious metals are rare, naturally occurring elements which have a high economic value across the world including Australia. While having value within industry, they are mostly now used as commodities investment instruments which offer an insight into the health of an economy because they are viewed as a relative safe haven during tough economic conditions.

With a Vantage MT4 or MT5 trading account, you are able to take long term position trades in gold and silver CFDs, taking advantage of being able to trade in both long and short directions. Trading and long term investment go hand in hand as you are able to hedge your positions whenever you see the market turning.

Whether you’re a trader or an investor, precious metal CFDs markets offer valuable indicators for correlated risk market direction, as well as being able to hedge or trade these predictable technical movements on MT4 and MT5 with Vantage.


    Trading Gold CFDs

    For centuries, Gold has been used as a safeguard against risk. In today’s highly volatile market environment, adding Gold CFD positions to your portfolio via the Vantage MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Platforms can help to mitigate the risks of major ‘black swan’ events.

    All central banks are printing money, but you can’t print Gold. The fact there is a finite supply of Gold means that speculation will always occur in gold trading.

    Gold trading has been popular among Australian traders who enjoy increased volatility, which is what traders live by and thrive on. Start trading Gold CFDs with Vantage.


    0.1 lot

    Controls 1 Ounce of Gold

    ¹on a Vantage Standard account.

  • UP TO 10:1

    Trading Silver CFDs

    Unsophisticated investors may refer to Silver as a poor man’s Gold, but don’t discount this highly volatile precious metal yourself. Closely correlated to Gold, Silver presents a vast number of trading opportunities otherwise missed if only trading Gold CFDs.

    Find your market edge while trading Silver CFDs through the Vantage MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Platforms.

    If you are looking to exploit opportunity on a transparent and highly liquid Commodities market, start trading Silver CFDs today.


    0.1 lot

    Controls 50 Ounces of Silver CFDs

Trading Copper CFDs

Copper is a soft, malleable and highly ductile metal with the chemical symbol of Cu. Copper is one of the major indicators through which investors and traders measure the overall health of the world economy.

Copper futures are traded on futures markets and are highly linked to the commodity currencies of the Australian and Canadian Dollars. If demand for Copper falls, then so will the correlated Forex markets. Take advantage of the correlations between Commodities and Forex by trading Copper CFDs on MT4 and MT5 with Vantage. Start trading Copper today.


0.1 lot

Controls 250lbs of Copper

UP TO 10:1


Contract Symbol Market Quote
Min Spread
(For reference only)
Average Spread
(For reference only)
Contract Size Currency Leverage Min volume
per click
Max volume
per click
Trading time
Gold trading XAUUSD FX Spot 1717.58 → 1717.59 1 36.09 100 oz USD 20:1 0.01 100 Monday-Thursday 01:01-23:58
Friday 01:01-23:57
Silver trading XAGUSD FX Spot 17.730 → 17.731 18 27.97 5000 oz USD 10:1 0.01 20 Monday-Thursday 01:01-23:58
Friday 01:01-23:57
Precious metals trading Gold trading XAUAUD FX Spot 2467.96 → 2467.97 6 89.47 100 oz AUD 20:1 0.01 100 Monday-Thursday 01:01-23:58
Friday 01:01-23:57
Precious metals trading Silver trading XAGAUD FX Spot 25.478 → 25.479 24 40.7 5000 oz AUD 10:1 0.01 20 Monday-Thursday 01:01-23:58
Friday 01:01-23:57
Precious metals trading Copper-C Nymex/CME 2.5996 → 2.5997 25 31.47 25000 lbs USD 10:1 0.10 40 Monday-Friday 01:00-24:00


Product Open (GMT+3)
Gold Mon 01.00 to Fri 24.00
Silver Mon 01.00 to Fri 24.00
Copper Mon 01.00 to Fri 24.00


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