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*If the position is held overnight within seven days
and $1 per lot per side applies only to FX pairs, including XAUUSD.

Why Trade Gold?

Gold is one of the most popular and actively traded precious metals in the commodities market. Unlike commodities such as oil, price of gold tends to be less affected by geopolitical risks. Hence, it is also known to be a safe haven commodity for market participants amidst uncertain economic conditions.

However, like many other asset classes, gold prices are still susceptible to market supply and demand as well as investor sentiments.

Buying and selling gold is a common trading strategy used to hedge against major market movements, rising interest rates, and inflation. To gain exposure on gold price movements, you can start trading gold Contract for Differences (CFDs).

Why Trade Gold CFDs?

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    No overnight charges for XAUUSD CFD when holding the position overnight*

  • Competitive
    Gold CFD Prices

    Trade with low spreads,
    starting from 1

  • Minimal
    Upfront Costs

    Gain access to gold by paying just a fraction of the cost when you trade gold CFDs

  • Hedging

    Use gold CFDs to hedge against market fluctuations and uncertain economic conditions

What are swap fees?

For trading positions that are held overnight, an interest-like fee known as the swap fee is charged. With Vantage, clients can now trade gold (XAUUSD) CFD without incurring any swap or interest charges on positions that are held overnight*.

Swap-free therefore means that you can trade without incurring any overnight fees.

Take advantage of this product enhancement and save your trading costs when you trade XAUUSD CFDs with Vantage.

up to 20:1

Vantage Gold Contract Specifications

Symbol Market Quote
Min Spread
(For reference only)
Average Spread
(For reference only)
Contract Size Currency Leverage Min Volume
Per Click
Max Volume
Per Click
XAUUSD FX Spot 1717.58 → 1717.59 1 36.09 100 oz USD Max 20:1 0.01 100 Monday-Thursday
Friday 01:01-23:57

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*If the position is held overnight within seven days.