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You are visiting the international Vantage Markets website, distinct from the website operated by Vantage Global Prime LLP
( ) which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA").

This website is managed by Vantage Markets' international entities, and it's important to emphasise that they are not subject to regulation by the FCA in the UK. Therefore, you must understand that you will not have the FCA’s protection when investing through this website – for example:

  • You will not be guaranteed Negative Balance Protection
  • You will not be protected by FCA’s leverage restrictions
  • You will not have the right to settle disputes via the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)
  • You will not be protected by Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
  • Any monies deposited will not be afforded the protection required under the FCA Client Assets Sourcebook. The level of protection for your funds will be determined by the regulations of the relevant local regulator.

If you would like to proceed and visit this website, you acknowledge and confirm the following:

  • 1.The website is owned by Vantage Markets' international entities and not by Vantage Global Prime LLP, which is regulated by the FCA.
  • 2.Vantage Global Limited, or any of the Vantage Markets international entities, are neither based in the UK nor licensed by the FCA.
  • 3.You are accessing the website at your own initiative and have not been solicited by Vantage Global Limited in any way.
  • 4.Investing through this website does not grant you the protections provided by the FCA.
  • 5.Should you choose to invest through this website or with any of the international Vantage Markets entities, you will be subject to the rules and regulations of the relevant international regulatory authorities, not the FCA.

Vantage wants to make it clear that we are duly licensed and authorised to offer the services and financial derivative products listed on our website. Individuals accessing this website and registering a trading account do so entirely of their own volition and without prior solicitation.

By confirming your decision to proceed with entering the website, you hereby affirm that this decision was solely initiated by you, and no solicitation has been made by any Vantage entity.

I confirm my intention to proceed and enter this website Please direct me to the website operated by Vantage Global Prime LLP, regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom

By providing your email and proceeding to create an account on this website, you acknowledge that you will be opening an account with Vantage Global Limited, regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), and not the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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Proceed Please direct me to website operated by Vantage Global Prime LLP, regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom.
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Vantage Rewards

Reap more rewards as you trade.


*Terms and Conditions apply.

Vantage Rewards

Get Rewarded with Every Trade

Vantage Rewards
Vantage Rewards
Vantage Rewards
Vantage Rewards
Vantage Rewards

Collect V-Points

Get V-Points with every trade you make.

Redeem Rewards

Use accumulated V-Points to redeem rewards of your choice.

Complete Missions

Earn additional V-Points when you complete missions.

Unlock New Tiers

Rise to new tiers and unlock exclusive rewards.

Get Freebies

Daily free spins and trade vouchers await.

Vantage Rewards

Collect V-Points

Get V-Points with every trade you make.

Vantage Rewards

Redeem Rewards

Use accumulated V-Points to redeem rewards of your choice.

Vantage Rewards

Complete Missions

Earn additional V-Points when you complete missions.

Vantage Rewards

Unlock New Tiers

Rise to new tiers and unlock exclusive rewards.

Vantage Rewards

Get Freebies

Daily free spins and trade vouchers await.

How to Join Vantage Rewards

New User

Existing User

Vantage Rewards

Open a live account.

Vantage Rewards

Earn V-Points with each trade.

Vantage Rewards

Complete missions to earn additional V-Points.

Vantage Rewards

Redeem rewards with the accumulated V-Points.

Vantage Rewards

Log in to your account and start trading.

Vantage Rewards

Trade and complete missions to earn V-Points.

Vantage Rewards

Redeem rewards with the accumulated V-Points.
*Applicable exclusively to clients from specific jurisdictions as per regulatory requirements.


Redeemable Rewards

Choose the reward you would like to redeem with your accumulated V-Points.

  • Vantage Rewards

    Wheel of Fortune Spin

  • Vantage Rewards

    Cash Redemption

  • Vantage Rewards

    Profit Booster Voucher

  • Vantage Rewards

    Deposit Rebate Voucher

  • Vantage Rewards

    Loss Protection Voucher

  • Vantage Rewards

    Lucky Draw Chance

Vantage Rewards Tier Benefits

Gain access to additional benefits when you upgrade your tier and unlock tier-exclusive rewards like daily free spins and commission-free vouchers. Your status will be determined based on your notional volume traded, so the more you trade, the higher your rank.


Already have an account?


Required Closed Trades in Notional Volume 1 (USD$ Million)

Points Rewarded Per Million Closed Trades in Notional Volume 2

Daily Free Spin 3

Commission-Free Voucher 4

Daily Forex Signals Newsletter Subscription5


0 – 2.99



Voucher ×2

Not Available


3 – 14.99



Voucher ×3



15 – 59.99



Voucher ×5






Voucher ×10


1. Notional volume refers to the total value of the position.

2. Points rewarded are the same across all products.

3. Applicable to Wheel of Fortune only.

4. Applicable to ECN accounts only and is rewarded upon tier upgrade only. Vouchers will only be rewarded once and will be capped at USD$10 each.

5. Subscriptions require manual opt-in. Click here to opt-in.

Here’s What Our Users Have To Say

  • I am new to all of this but have found…

    Very user friendly application with tons of in-depth information about stock marker aswell app mechanics. I love the trader copy system, i would for sure recommend Vantage to all my friends and family. FAQ is clear and short.One improvement is that the server speed to calculate the trade in real time sometimes gets frozen and you need to re open the app. Besides that everything works like a charm

    phil oakley

  • I must say Vantage platform is the…

    I must say Vantage platform is the best, I have just realized you have swap Free accounts too, you are all in one, I have also compared the lot size in relation to margin holds, you people your platform is the best for even beginners with minimum capital. Regards

    Martin Tumukunde

  • I deposited money into my vantage…

    I deposited money into my vantage account, did a few trades, lost and won here and there...Best part is l managed to withdraw my funds with no hustle, my money was deposited back into my account within 24 hours.


  • The best of the bests, for sure

    I have an acc with Vantage for a year, and I'm in the market every single day with Vantage, the Team are great, perfect honestly my acc manager answers all my questions and the support team is 24/7 for everything.
    I can confirm that this is the most positive experience I had online.

    Marcio Rodrigues

  • I have been with vantage a few years

    I have been with vantage a few years. When i have needed assistance vantage have been swift in returning my emails with information to help me.
    When withdrawing funds. Never had to wait more the 48hrs at times quicker than that. Very happy with thier swap prices. Vantage is a good Broker.

    Leonette Henry

  • Great Trading App

    I've been using this trading app for a while now and I'm thoroughly impressed. The user friendly interface makes navigating the complex world of trading a breeze, even for someone like me who's new to the game. The app's real time market updates and intuitive charting tools have empowered me to make well informed decisions. What I appreciate the most is the security measures in place that ensure my sensitive information and transactions are well protected. With a wide range of investment options and seamless execution, this app has truly elevated my trading experience. It's become an indispensable tool in my financial journey

    Saim Ali

  • Very good broker

    I have a very good experience in vantage. Easy to deposit and to withdraw. The spread is also low that you can can catch the maximum profit you want. Their app is also great and easy to use. Keep up the good work.

    Mark Angelo

  • Trustworthy, quality customer relations, patience and understanding when interacting with customers.

    I loved how they gave me a bonus that I have been trading on until I withdraw my profits. Customer care is topnotch and I really loved how they took me step by step on customer service. Would recommend all the time

    grace betty

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions down below. For further queries, please use the Contact Us page.


  • 1.1 What is Vantage Rewards and how does it work?

    Vantage Rewards is a point-based loyalty program that allows our clients to earn V-Points as they trade. These points can be used to redeem rewards — just another way for us to say thank you to our clients, and show how much we appreciate your loyalty.

  • 1.2 Can the Program be terminated?

    Yes. We may, at our sole discretion, cancel, modify, restrict, or terminate the program or any aspect or feature of Vantage Rewards at any time with or without prior notice, whereas such changes may affect the value of rewards, benefits, and/or points already accumulated or earned and/or the ability to redeem accumulated rewards, benefits and points.


  • 2.1 How can I join?

    All Vantage clients will automatically be enrolled on the Loyalty Program as a Member. However, only clients with live and funded accounts will be allowed to redeem rewards using V-Points.

  • 2.2 Can my membership in the program be terminated?

    Vantage reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate any membership with or without cause. However, under normal circumstances, only those who are not acting in good faith, not in compliance with the Terms and Conditions, and/or involved in any abuse or fraudulent practice will be terminated.

  • 2.3 How do I terminate my membership?

    If you decide you no longer want to be a part of the program, please send your request to opt-out to [email protected]


  • 3.1 What is V-Points?

    V-Points can be used to redeem rewards such as vouchers, lucky draw entry, spin the wheel chances and many more. The number of V-Points needed will differ depending on the type of reward.

  • 3.2 How do I earn V-Points?

    V-Points can be earned as you trade our products. The number of V-Points that can be earned per 1 mil notional volume traded will depend on the type of products being traded as well as your current Tier. Visit Vantage Rewards Tiers for more details on the points system. Other than that, you can also earn V-Points by completing our daily, weekly, monthly, and ad-hoc missions.

  • 3.3 What are the rewards?

    You will find all available rewards listed in Points Center. Rewards type may be updated from time to time.

  • 3.4 How do I check my current points?

    Your current Tier and V-Points are displayed at the top section of all pages within Vantage Rewards. You must login to your account to view your V-Points.

  • 3.5 Can my points expire?

    Yes. Your accumulated V-Points are only valid for a year. However, the good news is, your points will be extended for 1 year once you make a trade. This extended expiry date will be 1 year from the date of the latest trade you make. If no trade is executed, all points will expire based on the earliest expiry date of the first points earned. So, keep trading to keep your V-Points valid!


  • 4.1 What is Vantage Rewards Tiers?

    Tiers are determined by the notional volume a Member has traded within 90 days. There are 4 tiers with associated benefits – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • 4.2 What are the benefits?

    The higher your Tier is, the more V-Points you can earn based on your trading volume. You will also unlock more exclusive benefits as you progress through the Tiers. Visit Vantage Rewards Tiers for more details on the benefits.

  • 4.3 How do I upgrade my Tier?

    You need to increase your notional volume traded on closed trades to upgrade your Tier.

  • 4.4 Will I get downgraded?

    Yes. You will be downgraded if you do not complete 10 trades within your Maintenance Period of 90 days.