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100% Trading Bonus, up to USD$30,000

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*Terms and Conditions apply.

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Earn Cashback.

It's now more rewarding to trade with Vantage. Simply deposit a minimum of USD$2,000 and start earning cashback as you trade!

Earn 100% trading bonus on your deposits, up to a total of USD$30,000* from 9 March 2023 to 30 April 2023. For every million in notional volume on closed trades made within the promotion period, we will convert USD$15 of your accumulated trading bonus into real cash in your account.

  • 1

    Opt-in to the promotion via Client Portal.

  • 2

    Fund a minimum of USD$2,000 to the qualify.

  • 3

    Receive 100% trading bonus on all your deposits*, capped at USD$30,000.

  • 4

    Start earning cashback from your accumulated trading bonus as you trade!

For new customers, you will need to create a new account first.


*Trading bonus will be rewarded for the qualifying minimum deposit of USD$2,000. Terms and Conditions.

What is Notional Volume?

Notional volume, also known as notional value, is often used in the context of valuing a derivative contract. For the purpose of this Promotion, we only calculate the notional volume on closed trades as per the formula below. Learn more about Notional Volume here.

Notional Volume (closed trades) =
Trading Lot X Contract Size X EOD Product Exchange Rate X Close Price

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