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Experience Forex Trading on your Mac

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader (MT5) for Mac

Vantage certainly hasn’t forgotten our clients that choose to trade forex on a Mac. Whether it’s on their iMac desktop, Macbook laptop or iOS based iPhone and iPad, Vantage has an MT4 and MT5 solution for all. No longer must our iOS loyal client base run Windows Parallels or the like. Experience the MetaTrader platforms directly from your Mac.

This solution is exclusively available to clients of Vantage due to the excellent work by our proprietary development team. If you choose to trade forex on a Mac with Vantage, you will experience seamless trading capabilities, no matter your chosen operating system.

Whether your trading strategy is automated or completely discretionary, our MT4 and MT5 for Mac solutions allow the same EAs, indicators and price action chart displays that the MetaTrader platforms are famous for. The experience is now fully consistent across the Windows/Mac divide.

Experience MT4 and MT5 for Mac with Vantage now!

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) for Mac Encourages All Forex Trading Styles

If you’re trading forex on a Mac, we want you to be comfortable trading whichever style that you choose. With our Vantage MT4 and MT5 for Mac solutions, there is no adaptation in your trading style. The nature of our solution means a seamless customer experience will be sensed.

Mac based forex traders often feel like they’re disadvantaged in some way by the operating system that they choose to run their MetaTrader platform on, but we assure you that this is the furthest from the truth thanks to our MT4 and MT5 for Mac development technology. The tight spreads and lightning fast execution speeds that Vantage are famous for, are exactly the same whether you’re trading on a Windows based platform or our proprietary developed MT4 and MT5 for Mac solutions.

With the Vantage MT4 and MT5 for Mac platforms, you don’t ever have to compromise.

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You Know the Power of the MT4 Platform, but What About MT5?

The MT4 platform is the most widely adopted and used forex trading platform on the market. It is a clear leader in terms of forex trader market share and its position doesn’t look like being threatened any time in the near future. But there is a new contender that has entered the forex trading platform space – MT5.

The Vantage MT5 platform takes things to a whole new level. Described as a truly next generation forex trading platform, we’re proud to announce that our Mac based forex traders now have the capability to experience the MetaQuotes’ driven upgrade for themselves, on an operating system that they are comfortable with. With more time frames, unlimited charting options and a redesigned back-end that makes keeping spreads tight and trading speeds fast, MT5 is worth checking out yourself.

Whether you choose to trade forex on MT4 or MT5 for Mac, Vantage has a solution tailored just for you.




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