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Trade US Shares with
$0 Commission

Gain full exposure to top US shares with just a small deposit. Vantage enables you to capitalise on share price movements by going long (speculating that the price will increase) or going short (speculating that the price will decrease).

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    US Shares to choose from

Top 10 traded US companies
on Vantage

{"message": "GET Request successful.","result":[{"symbol":"TSLA","buy":0.5908,"sell":0.4092,"preBuy":0.5908,"preSell":0.4092},{"symbol":"USDJPY","buy":0.4654,"sell":0.5346,"preBuy":0.4658,"preSell":0.5342},{"symbol":"XAUUSD","buy":0.5117,"sell":0.4883,"preBuy":0.5118,"preSell":0.4882},{"symbol":"EURUSD","buy":0.5124,"sell":0.4876,"preBuy":0.5147,"preSell":0.4853},{"symbol":"GBPUSD","buy":0.3971,"sell":0.6029,"preBuy":0.3963,"preSell":0.6037},{"symbol":"USDCAD","buy":0.482,"sell":0.518,"preBuy":0.4798,"preSell":0.5202},{"symbol":"DJ30","buy":0.5279,"sell":0.4721,"preBuy":0.5274,"preSell":0.4726},{"symbol":"SP500","buy":0.7129,"sell":0.2871,"preBuy":0.7215,"preSell":0.2785},{"symbol":"USOUSD","buy":0.6121,"sell":0.3879,"preBuy":0.6118,"preSell":0.3882},{"symbol":"NAS100","buy":0.5426,"sell":0.4574,"preBuy":0.5432,"preSell":0.4568},{"symbol":"XAGUSD","buy":0.5736,"sell":0.4264,"preBuy":0.5754,"preSell":0.4246},{"symbol":"HK50","buy":0.4581,"sell":0.5419,"preBuy":0.4584,"preSell":0.5416},{"symbol":"DAX40","buy":0.5775,"sell":0.4225,"preBuy":0.5805,"preSell":0.4195},{"symbol":"GBPJPY","buy":0.4837,"sell":0.5163,"preBuy":0.4823,"preSell":0.5177},{"symbol":"HK50ft","buy":0.4842,"sell":0.5158,"preBuy":0.4769,"preSell":0.5231},{"symbol":"EURJPY","buy":0.4369,"sell":0.5631,"preBuy":0.4359,"preSell":0.5641},{"symbol":"NVIDIA","buy":0.5796,"sell":0.4204,"preBuy":0.703,"preSell":0.297},{"symbol":"UKOUSD","buy":0.4912,"sell":0.5088,"preBuy":0.4912,"preSell":0.5088},{"symbol":"XAUAUD","buy":0.4635,"sell":0.5365,"preBuy":0.4596,"preSell":0.5404},{"symbol":"XAUEUR","buy":0.4916,"sell":0.5084,"preBuy":0.4797,"preSell":0.5203},{"symbol":"ASML","buy":0.4839,"sell":0.5161,"preBuy":0.4706,"preSell":0.5294},{"symbol":"OR","buy":0.5128,"sell":0.4872,"preBuy":0.5405,"preSell":0.4595},{"symbol":"TUI","buy":0.5,"sell":0.5,"preBuy":0.6,"preSell":0.4},{"symbol":"AMP","buy":0,"sell":1,"preBuy":0,"preSell":0},{"symbol":"AUDUSD","buy":0.5375,"sell":0.4625,"preBuy":0.5372,"preSell":0.4628},{"symbol":"EURAUD","buy":0.4653,"sell":0.5347,"preBuy":0.4674,"preSell":0.5326},{"symbol":"SPI200","buy":0.5776,"sell":0.4224,"preBuy":0.575,"preSell":0.425},{"symbol":"FTSE100","buy":0.4857,"sell":0.5143,"preBuy":0.5,"preSell":0.5},{"symbol":"CL-OIL","buy":0.4707,"sell":0.5293,"preBuy":0.4738,"preSell":0.5262},{"symbol":"COPPER-C","buy":0.5929,"sell":0.4071,"preBuy":0.5947,"preSell":0.4053},{"symbol":"XPDUSD","buy":0.6333,"sell":0.3667,"preBuy":0.5926,"preSell":0.4074},{"symbol":"XPTUSD","buy":0.48,"sell":0.52,"preBuy":0.48,"preSell":0.52},{"symbol":"Coffee-C","buy":0.5053,"sell":0.4947,"preBuy":0.5,"preSell":0.5},{"symbol":"Sugar-C","buy":0.6154,"sell":0.3846,"preBuy":0.6154,"preSell":0.3846},{"symbol":"Cocoa-C","buy":0.4396,"sell":0.5604,"preBuy":0.4362,"preSell":0.5638},{"symbol":"GAS-C","buy":0.7692,"sell":0.2308,"preBuy":0.7692,"preSell":0.2308},{"symbol":"AAPL","buy":0.6744,"sell":0.3256,"preBuy":0.6744,"preSell":0.3256},{"symbol":"JD","buy":0.3333,"sell":0.6667,"preBuy":0.3333,"preSell":0.6667},{"symbol":"META","buy":0.6552,"sell":0.3448,"preBuy":0.6552,"preSell":0.3448},{"symbol":"COIN","buy":0.9785,"sell":0.0215,"preBuy":0.9821,"preSell":0.0179},{"symbol":"UBER","buy":1,"sell":0,"preBuy":1,"preSell":0},{"symbol":"GOOG","buy":0.6842,"sell":0.3158,"preBuy":0.6897,"preSell":0.3103},{"symbol":"TRMB","buy":0.5,"sell":0.5,"preBuy":0.4286,"preSell":0.5714},{"symbol":"AMAZON","buy":0.5132,"sell":0.4868,"preBuy":0.5132,"preSell":0.4868}]}
  • #1TSLA


    Net Long Net short
    60% 40%
  • #2NVIDIA


    Net Long Net short
    58% 42%
  • #3COIN


    Net Long Net short
    98% 2%
  • #4UBER


    Net Long Net short
    100% 0%
  • #5GOOG


    Net Long Net short
    69% 31%
  • #6AAPL


    Net Long Net short
    68% 32%
  • #7JD


    Net Long Net short
    34% 66%
  • #8TRMB


    Net Long Net short
    50% 50%
  • #9META


    Net Long Net short
    66% 34%
  • #10AMAZON


    Net Long Net short
    52% 48%

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