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Advantages of Trading Indices


Advantages of Trading Indices

Advantages of Trading Indices

Vantage Updated Updated Fri, 2023 September 15 09:32

Indices are commonly used to assess the performance of a collection of financial securities, such as stocks. This approach helps enable the tracking of a group of assets that represent a specific market or economic sector. Through the data acquired, traders are able to gain valuable insights into the collective performance of the financial securities. 

Read on to learn how traders can partake in index trading to their advantage. 

What are Indices? 

Firstly, before getting into indices trading, traders have to understand what indices are. Indices are created by grouping together a selection of stocks, commodities, or other financial instruments to represent a specific market or sector’s overall performance.  

Indices function as an “average assessment” of distinct segments within markets or asset categories, serving as a snapshot of the broader market. Traders can get insights into the collective performance of a specific group of assets by looking at the index performance. 

For example, the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500) is commonly used to monitor the 500 largest companies listed on the US stock exchange, serving as a standard benchmark for large-cap equities. This includes stocks such as Microsoft, Tesla, Alphabet Inc and Nvidia Corp

Another example is the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), which is possibly one of the longest-lasting stock indices [1]. It tracks the performance of 30 highly successful companies that are listed in the United States, including Apple, Procter & Gamble Co, JPMorgan Chase & Co and McDonald’s Corp

Why trade indices? 

Here are three reasons why you should trade indices: 

1. Diversification 

When a trader trades indices, they are essentially trading a collection of financial assets through a single trade. This allows traders to gain access to broader market trends, in addition to helping them simplify their portfolio management. Through index trading, traders are able to potentially take advantage of the performance of entire groups of companies in specific market areas. 

2. Less volatility 

Trading indices offers the advantage of lower volatility when compared to individual stocks, providing traders with a more stable trading environment, and reducing the risk of abrupt price fluctuations.  

This becomes especially apparent in contrast to trading individual stocks, where one poor-performing company can have a significant impact on your portfolio; trading indices mitigates the risk associated with just a single stock fluctuation. 

Moreover, for long-term trading, this relative stability of indices helps in better portfolio management and allows traders to make more strategic decisions without the daily noise of individual stock volatility. This makes it easier to identify long-term trends and adjust your investment strategy. 

3. Liquidity and access to global market 

Trading indices provide dual advantage of enhanced liquidity and access to global markets. Highly liquid major indices such as the S&P 500 and the DJIA facilitate seamless trade entries and exits, minimising the potential for significant price disruptions and fostering efficient trade execution. Trading indices also enables traders to access global economies and regions, all without the complexities of managing separate international brokerage accounts. 

5 Advantages of Trading Indices 

advantage of trading indices

Now that you have gained an understanding of what trading indices are and why trade them, it’s time to learn about the advantages that come with trading indices. 

1. Simplicity in trade selection 

Index trading provides traders with the opportunity to gain direct exposure to specific market segments the market as a whole. Instead of having to analyse each stock or commodity individually, traders can instead look at the general trend of an index. This will help traders that might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of different securities available for trading. Moreover, gauging the performance of an index can provide clearer insights into the prevailing market sentiment. 

2. Cost Efficiency 

When it comes to cost, trading indices can be more affordable than trading individual stocks. Trading a single index can be viewed similarly to trading all the assets that make up the index. 

This cuts down on the number of trades executed and, as a result, possible transaction costs. Also, many online trading sites offer competitive spreads on trading major indices using contracts for differences (CFDs), which makes the cost-effectiveness even more attractive.  

3. Sector-specific Exposure 

Index trading allows traders to trade in a wide range of sectors and industries without having to buy each individual asset separately.  

For example, traders can make a return from the overall performance of the technology sector by trading an index that represents that sector, such as the Nasdaq Composite Index. This eliminates the need to pick individual stock winners within that sector. Exposure to the market can be especially helpful during broad market rises, when all sectors or markets move up at the same time. 

4. Accessibility and exposure to overall markets 

Indices offer traders the opportunity to access global markets with ease. There are indices that capture the Asian, European, and US markets respectively. It can be an ideal solution for traders looking to diversify geographically without the need to set up multiple trading accounts. 

5. Diversification 

Diversification is another key advantage of indices trading. By trading indices, traders are effectively trading a basket of individual stocks or commodities, which can help to spread their risk. For example, if one company within the index performs poorly, it may be offset by better performance from other companies in the index. This mitigates the risk of significant losses associated with trading a single stock or commodity. Diversification is a fundamental principle of risk management and is, therefore, particularly appealing to cautious investors. 

Learn more about portfolio diversification with our article. 


Trading indices presents an opportunity for traders worldwide to gauge the insights of the overall markets and trade the broad markets. 

Ready to trade indices via CFDs? Open a live account with Vantage today and begin trading Indices CFDs which allow you to trade on the rise or fall in the indices price without having to own the underlying indices. 


  1. “Dow Jones (DJIA): What It Is & How It Works – Seeking Alpha” Accessed 16 Aug 2023
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