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How to trade in ETFs online?

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What is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

An exchange traded fund (ETF) is an instrument that tracks the performance of a pool of underlying assets – including commodities, stocks, currencies, indices and more. This unique feature of the product allows traders to diversify their portfolio as they gain exposure to multiple assets in a single trade.

ETFs are tradable on the stock exchange, but with Vantage, you can use a derivative product called Contracts for Differences (CFDs) to speculate on price movements of the underlying ETF.

When you trade CFDs, you do not own actual units of the underlying product, but rather, you trade based on the difference between the opening and closing prices of specific financial instruments.

With CFDs, you can go long or short on various market conditions.

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Top 5 traded ETFs

  • SPY (Daily)

  • QQQ (Daily)

  • BND (Daily)

  • GLD (Daily)

  • IWM (Daily)

Why trade ETFs with us?

Access over 50 popular ETFs on Vantage and seize market opportunities by going long or short.

  • Maximise with leverage
    of up to 5:1

    Gain full exposure with CFDs by utilising leverage of up to 5:1.

  • Trade on the go

    Deal at your fingertips during market hours and react quickly to news on our intuitive trading platform and mobile app.

  • Trade bear
    and bull markets

    Trade both rising and falling markets with leverage, so you can increase your exposure.

  • Risk managment

    Protect your trades with our range of risk management tools, including price alerts and stop losses to limit unfavourable price movements.

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