What is Crypto and
CFDs for Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies, also commonly referred to as cryptos, are digital currencies that use a decentralised network to carry out secure financial transactions. A market that is highly speculative and volatile, the value of cryptocurrencies is determined by supply and demand, as well as market sentiment.

With Vantage, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency CFDs by predicting and capitalising on their potential price movements, without actually owning the coin. Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can access more than 40 crypto coins, such as Solana, Dogecoin, Cardano, XRP and other Altcoins.

Enjoy 24-hour access to these cryptocurrencies on Vantage’s powerful MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platforms when you open a Vantage account.

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Here are the top five most traded crypto pairs at Vantage

  • BTCUSD (Daily)

  • ETCUSD (Daily)

  • BTCEUR (Daily)

  • ETHEUR (Daily)

  • SOLUSD (Daily)

Why Buy and Sell Crypto CFDs with Vantage

  • Hedging

    Hedge your portfolio with CFDs – for holders, you can hedge with leverage of up to 2:1.

  • Deep

    Our deep liquidity pools mean great likelihood of your trade being executed at your selected price.

  • Trade bear and
    bull markets

    Trade both rising and falling markets with leverage, so you can increase your exposure.

  • Risk management

    Protect your trades with our range of risk management tools, including price alerts and stop losses to limit unfavourable price movements.

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Why trade Crypto CFDs with Vantage

  • Competitive pricing with low spreads and commission fees

  • Wide range of products available – trade more than 40 different crypto CFDs

  • Protect your account from going below zero with negative balance protection

  • Quick account opening process, without the need for an e-wallet

  • Available on MT4 where you can automate your trades with algorithms, even when you’re not at your desk

  • Minimum trade size from 0.01 available for most cryptocurrency CFDs

  • Authorised and regulated broker

  • 24/5 award-winning customer support1

Which coins can you trade?

We keep up with the trends. On the Vantage platform, we currently offer 43 popular coins, with more in the pipeline so you can be sure to find something that suits your portfolio.

Cryptocurrency CFDs
Symbol Product Leverage Spread
ADAUSD Cardano 2:1 0.0063
ALGUSD Algorand 2:1 0.0055
ATMUSD Cosmos 2:1 0.016
AVAUSD Avalanche 2:1 0.530
AXSUSD Axie Infinity 2:1 0.040
BATUSD Basic Attention Token 2:1 0.0048
BNBUSD Binance Coin 2:1 0.070
BCHUSD Bitcoin Cash 2:1 2.800
BTCBCH Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash 2:1 0.626
BTCETH Bitcoin vs Ethereum 2:1 0.034
BTCEUR BitCoin vs Euro 2:1 45.210
BTCLTC Bitcoin vs Litecoin 2:1 1.815
BTCUSD Bitcoin 2:1 11.280
CRVUSD Curve 2:1 0.005
DOGUSD Dogecoin 2:1 0.0011
DOTUSD Polkadot 2:1 0.085
EOSUSD EOS 2:1 0.010
ETCUSD Ethereum Classic 2:1 0.012
ETHBCH Ethereum vs Bitcoin Cash 2:1 0.044
ETHEUR Ethereum vs Euro 2:1 5.300
ETHLTC Ethereum vs Litecoin 2:1 0.118
ETHUSD Ethereum 2:1 2.320
FILUSD Filecoin 2:1 0.120
INCUSD 1inch 2:1 0.0012
IOTUSD IOTA 2:1 0.005
LNKUSD Chainlink 2:1 0.083
LRCUSD Loopring 2:1 0.0006
LTCUSD Litecoin 2:1 0.950
MKRUSD Maker 2:1 20.760
MTCUSD Polygon 2:1 0.0032
NERUSD NEAR protocol 2:1 0.012
NEOUSD Neo 2:1 0.150
ONEUSD Harmony 2:1 0.0001
SANUSD The Sandbox 2:1 0.0023
SHBUSD 10000SHIBA 2:1 0.0023
SOLUSD Solana 2:1 0.520
SUSUSD Sushi 2:1 0.005
TRXUSD TRON 2:1 0.00039
UNIUSD Uniswap 2:1 0.076
XLMUSD Stellar Lumens 2:1 0.0071
XRPUSD Ripple 2:1 0.0028
XTZUSD Tezos 2:1 0.0052
ZECUSD Zcash 2:1 0.710
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