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The Official Trading Partner of
NEOM McLaren Extreme E

Vantage, a prominent global broker, proudly partners with NEOM McLaren Extreme E, embarking on an impactful Championship journey. Extreme E, a groundbreaking concept, races across remote regions to spotlight climate change, leaving positive impacts in host countries. These electric cars merge cutting-edge EV tech with 400 kw power, accelerating in 4.5 seconds and excelling in diverse terrains, symbolising a positive climate impact.


People In The Partnership


“This partnership has its roots in shared passions, philosophies and the common goal of success. We wanted to align ourselves with a respected and global brand and NEOM McLaren Extreme E was a perfect fit. We're able to showcase our technology solutions in the trading space while tackling important issues around sustainability and climate change. Zak and the entire team have been incredibly welcoming as we embark on this huge moment in our company’s history.”

David Shayer,
Vantage UK
Chief Executive Officer

We're delighted to partner with Vantage ahead of our first season competing in Extreme E. It's crucial that we work with partners who reflect our team's values, and Vantage shares our commitment to sustainability, innovation and performance.
Racing in Extreme E marks an exciting new chapter for McLaren Racing, and our partnership with Vantage supports us in taking this important step in expanding our racing portfolio while accelerating our learnings in sustainability.

Zak Brown,
McLaren Racing, CEO

Our shared values initiatives


Accelerate in sustainability

With NEOM McLaren Extreme E, we have a partner who will work with us to champion climate change and gender equality, working hand in hand to positively contribute towards a sustainable future by minimising environmental impact and maximising awareness.


Strive in innovation

NEOM McLaren Extreme E and Vantage are in a state of constant evolution and innovation, positioning technology alongside human expertise and decision-making to ensure success. Racing provides a platform to develop future-facing technology, to accelerate research and development. Away from the race track, our trading tools are simple and intuitive and designed to take the complexity out of trading, so our clients can focus on what matters most.


Powered in performance

A vanguard of technological innovation and advancement, NEOM McLaren Extreme E stands as a paradigm of pushing frontiers and transcending limitations. In symphony with this ethos, Vantage epitomises excellence through its product portfolio, constructing an intricate and high-yielding trading ecosystem that confers clientele with an unparalleled trading odyssey. In both the realm of racing and the complex domain of financial markets, velocity assumes a cardinal role – a principle seamlessly woven into the fabric of our partnership, propelling us forward in unison.

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