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MT4 Alarm Manager

The Alarm Manager lets you do three main things:

  • Get notifications about events on your account, and in the market
  • Take automatic actions when events occur
  • Send automatic updates to your followers via Twitter, email, or SMS

In essence, the Alarm Manager is a set of building blocks which can you use to create a completely personalised and automated trading companion. For example, you can use the Alarm Manager to do any and all of the following:

  • Warn you on screen (or by email, or SMS) if your margin usage exceeds 20%
  • Close all losing positions if drawdown on your account exceeds 10%
  • Send a message to followers on Twitter (or email or SMS) every time you trade
  • Automatically place orders or close positions at a time in the future, e.g. “at 2pm” or “in 30 minutes time”
  • Warn yourself if you have open positions without a stop-loss
  • Automatically place orders or close positions based on technical indicators such as RSI or moving-average crosses
  • Send a message to followers on Twitter whenever there is a new 30-day high in an instrument
  • Display a message congratulating yourself if you have 3 consecutive winning trades
  • Remind yourself to stop trading if you have 4 consecutive losing trades, or if your balance declines by more than 3%, or if your win/loss % falls below 30%
  • Show a message 10 minutes before high-impact events in the economic calendar
  • Place a new order when RSI is above 70 on three different timeframes
  • Place a new order if RSI goes above 70 or there is a MACD cross of the signal line

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