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Refer a friend today to earn up to $200 bonus + $50 for your friend*

Are you having a great time trading with Vantage? Then why not refer your friends and earn up to $200 bonus for you + $50 for your friend* when your referrals open an account, fund it, and start trading live with us.

The entire process is easy and straightforward. Just share the unique link we send you through Facebook, Twitter, email or even in a blog, and when your friend funds their account and starts trading, you will receive your cash voucher at client portal.

Vantage Global Limited Refer A Friend Promotion

“Refer A Friend” Promotion is offered by Vantage Global Limited (herein “the Company” or “Vantage”) to the Company’s clients.

Promotion Terms and Conditions

    • 1. This Promotion is valid from 6 Nov 2021.
    • 2. By participating in this promotion, both the Referee (new client) and the Referrer (existing client) acknowledge they have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and Accounts Terms and Conditions.
    • 3. Any client referred by the referrer to Vantage under the Refer a Friend Promotion, must be a genuine new client that opens a new live account (meaning, not a “demo” account) via the relevant link provided by Vantage to the Referrer during the promotion period) and satisfy the other criteria contained in these Terms.
    • 4. For the purpose of this offer, a new client will be regarded as an applicant or a close affiliate of an applicant who has never registered to apply for a live account with Vantage and is accepted by Vantage. Vantage will in its sole discretion determine whether an applicant is a genuine new client by assessing whether the applicant is associated or affiliated with any other existing account holder with Vantage, including those with previously closed accounts.
    • 5. To participate in this promotion, the referee must register via referrer’s unique link or QR code provided within the Vantage APP or Vantage Client Portal.
    • 6. Referee will be categorized into 2 tiers as per below table:
Tier Country
1 Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, UK, Norway, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Finland, and Portugal.
2 The rest of the world except:

Afghanistan, Albania, America Samoa, Australia, Belarus, Bermuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma/Myanmar, Burundi, Canada, Central African Republic, China, Crimea, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Guam, Iran, Iraq, ISIL (Da’esh) & Al-Qaida & The Taliban, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Montenegro, North Korea, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Sevastopol, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, United States of America, United States Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

    • 7. Referrer will be eligible to receive vouchers as below:
      1. a. For Referee that from Tier 1 countries
Step Voucher received (USD)
Referee registers an account with Vantage $10
Referee’s live trading account approved by Vantage $20
Referee successfully funds his/her account with at least USD $200 $40
Referee trades a minimum of 1 lot on products provided by Vantage $50
Referee trades a minimum of 5 lots on products provided by Vantage $80
      1. b. For Referee that from Tier 2 countries
Step Voucher received (USD)
Referee’s live trading account approved by Vantage $10
Referee successfully funds his/her account with at least USD $200 $20
Referee trades a minimum of 5 lots on products provided by Vantage $30
    • 8. Referee will be eligible subject to our discretion to receive bonus as below:
      1. a. For Referee that from Tier 1 countries
Step Voucher received (USD)
Referee successfully registers a live account with Vantage $50
      1. b. For Referee that from Tier 2 countries
Step Voucher received (USD)
Referee successfully registers a live account with Vantage $10
    • 9. All vouchers in this offer will be issued to the referrer and referee automatically within 24 hours after they meet the requirement above.
    • 10. The referee is required to complete the trading requirement listed below in order to redeem the vouchers issued to both referrer and referee:
Referee Tier Trading Requirement (Lot)
Tier 1 1
Tier 2 5
    • 11. All vouchers must be redeemed within 30 days from the issued date.
    • 12. Only round-turn transactions in FX, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and selected indices will be counted towards this offer.
        a. Please see the required contracts equivalent to a standard lot size for Indices products.
    Indices Product Name No. of Contracts Required
    HSI 33
    DJ30 3
    NAS100 8
    SP500 23
    CHINA50 7
    DAX40 6
    • 13. The bonus amount is denominated in US Dollar. If the referrer or referee’s trading account is not based on US Dollar, we will convert the bonus amount using the following formula into the trading accounts:
JPY Bonus Amount x [USD/JPY] x 90%
SGD Bonus Amount x [USD/SGD] x 90%
CAD Bonus Amount x [USD/CAD] x 90%
AUD Bonus Amount x [AUD/USD] x 90%
GBP Bonus Amount x [GBP/USD] x 90%
NZD Bonus Amount x [NZD/USD] x 90%
EUR Bonus Amount x [EUR/USD] x 90%
HKD Bonus Amount x [USD/HKD] x 90%
  • 14. Each referrer is entitled to refer up to 100 new referrals.
    1. a) For every referrer in this offer, Vantage will revisit your eligibility after your first 5 (five), 20 (twenty) and 50 (fifty) referrals. Vouchers for any additional referrals will be considered at the discretion of Vantage.
  • 15. You will not be able to participate in this offer as a referrer if you are an existing affiliate of Vantage.
  • 16. The referrer must not promote themselves as an agent, IB or Affiliate of Vantage.
  • 17. Referee who received the bonus cannot be linked to IB or Affiliate of Vantage.
  • 18. Vantage reserves the right to remove all refer a friend bonus redeemed when referrer and/or referee is unable to provide a valid proof of address (POA) and have it successfully verified by Vantage during withdrawal.
  • 19. Vantage reserves the right to stop or refuse client’s participation in the promotion if any of these rules are breached or there is any suspected abuse of the promotion.
  • 20. Vantage will resolve any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms in its sole discretion.

General Terms and Conditions

The following conditions apply to all offers unless explicitly stated otherwise:

  • 1. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • 2. All Vantage offers are only available in accordance with applicable law.
  • 3. Vantage offers are not designed to alter or modify an individual’s risk preference or encourage individuals to trade in a manner inconsistent with their trading strategies.
  • 4. Clients should ensure that they operate their trading account in a manner consistent with their trading comfort level.
  • 5. New Accounts are subject to approval as per Vantage’s account opening procedure.
  • 6. Individuals who apply for an account must check their local laws and regulations before applying for an account with Vantage.
  • 7. Clients referred by a PAMM/MAM or money manager are not eligible to participate in Vantage offers.
  • 8. Vantage reserves the right to stop client claiming credit bonus from promotions if your deposit is made via e-wallet/cryptocurrency channel including but not limited to: USDT, Neteller and Skrill.
  • 9. Clients are not allowed to use the credit bonus to hedge positions. Vantage reserves the right to cancel a client’s eligibility to participate in any credit bonus offers, remove partial/all credit bonus from his/her trading account and partial/all profit generated by hedging positions without further notice.
  • 10. Vantage reserves the right to decline any application or indication to participate in any promotion at its sole discretion, without the need to provide any justification or explain the reasons for such a decline.
  • 11. Vantage reserves the right to exclude and/or cancel a client’s participation in its offers or promotions if: a) Churning (opening and closing of Margin FX or CFD transaction just for the benefit of earning a benefit); b) the client is found to be in violation of its Client Agreement or has breached the promotions terms and conditions. In case such misconduct or the breach, Vantage shall have the right to deduct any bonus amounts from the trading account.
  • 12. Vantage may at any time make changes to these terms and conditions and will notify you of these changes by posting the modified terms on Vantage website. You are advised to revise these Terms regularly and by your continued use of Vantage website and services that you accept any such modified terms. Vantage reserves the right to modify or cancel any offers at its sole discretion at any time.
  • 13. Vantage may at any time, at its sole discretion, cease or discontinue any of its promotions.
  • 14. All Vantage promotions only apply to valid STP and ECN accounts. Cent accounts are not applicable unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • 15. Vantage will not be liable for any loss, costs, expense, or damage which may be suffered in connection with this offer and which by law may not be excluded by these Terms.
  • 16. If these terms and conditions are translated into a language other than English, then the English version of the terms shall prevail where there is any inconsistency.
  • 17. The provider of this offer is Vantage Global Limited.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • 1. If your Account is closed or suspended, Vantage may cancel the bonus in your Account, along with any profits made from this offer.
  • 2. This offer is limited to one applicant per IP address All Vantage promotions only apply to standard accounts unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • 3. Only transactions in FX Contracts apply to this offer.
  • 4. You must be over 18 years of age to register to apply for an account.
  • 5. Vantage may amend or discontinue this offer without any prior notice to current or prospective applicants and without having to compensate anyone for that.
  • 6. If Vantage suspects a client has abused or attempted to abuse this offer to the detriment of Vantage beyond the intention of the offer, then Vantage may deny, cancel or withdraw the offer to that client, and either temporarily or permanently terminate that client’s access to the online services and suspend or close the client’s account. This may also apply if the client has breached Vantage’s Client Agreement.
  • 7. The applicant acknowledges and agrees that for an account to be established and accepted by Vantage, Vantage is required to perform identification checks in accordance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws and regulations (AML/CTF Laws). Vantage may, in its sole discretion, choose to reject an application if it is not satisfied as to the applicant’s identity or if it suspects on reasonable grounds that by accepting an application, Vantage may breach the AML/CTF Laws.
  • 8. The provider of this offer is Vantage Global Limited